Monday, May 18, 2015

Decide Your Life

So I am currently in the 10th grade and for quite some time my mission had been to simply get out and start my college career and begin my life.
So I went through all of those hoops that were necessary to get in that position but things changed.
My school has the IB program and I firstly did not think much of it until I went to a mandatory meeting about it. So from there I have decided to go into the program and stay in school because I can benefit from it more than going in debt at 18.
For the most part I have received great feedback from my teachers, family, and friends because I had just told them about me graduating a year ahead of my class. 
But their is one person that had something to say that I felt was rude. I believe in self expression and not being censored. But I also believe in respecting someone and what they do with their life.
This girl was basically saying that I am too stupid for this program. She then compared me to another girl who is entering it and boosted her ego whilst putting me down.

Do not allow someones opinion about your choices have total effect over what you choose. The opinions only matter if you let them matter. You give them the power. 
Instead of simply admitting defeat and allow her words to hold a negative effect on my choice. I am using this as inspiration to prove this girl wrong and show her that I make my world what I want to make of it and she has no control over it. 

So remember: You control your fate and like Dr. Seuss says "those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

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